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I Thank all of you for this incredible bootloader.  Slice, Erma, and all the rest of the really incredible people who have the will to make it work.  

You have given much time effort and god knows what else!  Incredible!!

It really takes determination, dedication, commitment..., on a side note the word genius I heard said long ago, was, 1% brain power, 99% work. Something like that.  But I think it is more.  One has the ability to see and make things work where things were not seemingly possible.  So, intelligence and the wisdom to put that power to work.  Learning to understand how things work. Then as the need arises, one pursues till a result is found. Then one takes it and perfects it.  I believe this is what is here... many incredible people who stop at nothing and continue to make it work and work well.

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Do not forget OpenCore developers, without them Clover cant Boot, because clover developers were not able to Inject Kexts into Kernelcollections...

And don't forget Chameleon devs, their Code is also in clover. There is also Code from some other Older bootloaders in that, but i dont want to search for that, there is too less structure in the Source Code... 

On 7/16/2021 at 10:58 PM, makk said:

was, 1% brain power, 99% work. 

And what about Copy Code? How much of that? 

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Yes quite right.  All of them.  In fact you take them and re-create them if you so desire. Making sure you follow the rules not to abate.


Ideas to spawn others quite simply the same. but credit goes to the thinkers who brought the ideas to fruition. someone had the idea

and perhaps could not bring the idea to work on their own, so they gave it someone who could or asked for aid.

Although when you have one and others have theirs, is when a branching occurs but for the same cause. 


PC running oSx is who'd ever thought of that before hand?  While Mac used to run with Boot Camp.

But that's the idea to cross streams and make it happen.  


A smorgasbord of.  Choose, options, variety.  But can be an illusion to some sorts.  A dead end leaves room to make it endless. 


Having had many ideas and drew them on paper as a teenager.   And most of it have come about.  Some are hidden.

The idea of it on paper as artwork with break-downs (illustrations of details of the finer portions).  Then as time permits think of the whole

from root to blossom, filling in the colors.  Kind of artwork.  Then finding the means necessary to make the artwork real.


That is why I think a genius has the mind to see it first then has to work in the reality to make it come true. it is all work.
So this 1% and 99% is illusion. It is all work mental and physical.  Because your mind is needed from start to finish.

So a genius can be all peoples. Not a particular one person.  Prodigies and so forth.   Intelligence is required.

Some are gifted as said when a child, child prodigy.  But they are a combination of the parents who were probably high in 

ideas but did not follow that.  So the child is given this.  Generational thing.  


Then finally you are what you eat. This is not just food for the body, but also for the mind.  What you eat for your mind's nourishment.





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