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hi all.

I have recently  got hold of a TJO7 Case (i had one a few years ago) And i have missed building in it i now have a seconds chance with it.

firstly i made a custom psu back plate out of 3mm aluminium  and some radiator stands too the case has a Front mesh mod which i will fit 2 120mm fan into

i ve fitted two (480mm  HardwareLabs BlackIce GTS) one ether side in the bottom part of the case. waiting for some more 16mm 316 stainless steel to arrive i will be using stainless steel tubing

here's a few pics

Please comment. and give a little feed back.

18/7/ 2021 just finished tube bending last night.

UPDATE:30/72021 Im waiting for a new Farbwerks light controller. 







screen cap.PNG

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Farbwerks  fitted today improved the lighting a bit. the is a bit oo dremiling  work to do. ie: getting the cables behind the motherboard try




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