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Help: USB not working OC 0.6.6 BigSur H55M-UD2H

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Hi all,  thanks for the forum and I had enjoyed the path of hac-mac for long.  Below is my config:

Gigabyte H55M-UD2H | 32GB-DDR3 | R9-270X | SSD - EVO850
I got a working BigSur OS (installed in the SSD-EVO850) and i unplug it from another machine and I move this OS with the attached EFI.

I installed with OC-0.6.6 debug version and rebuild this from scratch.  I can successfully boot into OS, (dual-monitor with HDMI and DP ports works)  but none of my USB ports can detect of anything.   Does anyone can give me a hints / advice what did I do wrong ?


What I tried:
1). NVRAM with prev-lang:kbd: en-US:0

2). LegacyEnable: True

3). LegacyOverwrite: True

4). Load with the driver: OpenUsbKbDxe.efi




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