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BrcmPatchRAM3 > Cannot play tunes on my phone and hear the audio on macOS over Bluetooth

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I would prefer to post this in the BrcmPatchRAM thread but I cannot post there yet..


I have a BCM94352HMB Wifi Card AzureWave Wifi/Bluetooth adapter in my hackintosh running macOS Catalina using Opencore.

The Bluetooth adapter is set up and recognised in macOS: BCM20702A0, Product ID: 0x21fb and Vendor ID: 0x0a5c (Broadcom Corp.) and I am using these kexts in the correct order in Kernel -> Add:

○ BrcmBluetoothInjector

○ BrcmFirmwareData

○ BrcmPatchRAM3

I am not sure if I should have this Bluetooth functionality or not...

My phone and macOS are paired and I can send a file from macOS to my phone. I can also send audio playing in macOS to Bluetooth headphones.

However, if I play a tune on my phone I CANNOT hear the audio through the speakers on my laptop running macOS. Should I be able to? If I do this test with the same laptop and Broadcom adapter running Linux I CAN play the audio from the same phone to my laptop speakers.

Is my Bluetooth set up wrong in macOS or maybe the driver does not support this functionality? According to the BrcmPatchRAM GitHub page "The firmware applied is extracted from the Windows drivers and the functionality should be equal to Windows." I notice that I can't do this when running Windows either.

So finally... if this IS a firmware limitation then is there a way to use the Linux driver maybe?

Any advice much appreciated!


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