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I'm using SMBIOS of Mac Pro 7,1.


Dortania mentions SSDT-USBx.aml.


This is premade and not much is said about about it. Safe to just add this into my ACPI folder?

Ok. It boots. Seems ok. How do I test this?

Just an update.


I have had no major issue with the use of my USB ports prior to installing this APART from my Audioengine D1 DAC sometimes having to be reset after waking from sleep. The sounds would be garbled after awakening. This DAC is powered by the USB but the USB can also transmit data at the same time. I am using the optical SPDIF for data transmission (without this being active, the DAC can run with just USB).


After using the above SDT-USBx.aml, this aspect appears problem-free so far, meaning that I have had several sleep-wake cycle and the sound is not garbled.


Just want to get this info out there.

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