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If you are using a single hard drive and you partitioned to install Monterey be sure to back up your partition table changes.


You can boot a live linux distro from USB, and backup/restore your hard drive GPT partition table to/from USB media (example: /dev/sda) as follows:


backup:  sudo sgdisk --backup=/path/to/USB/sda_partition_table_01.01.2021 /dev/sda
restore: sudo sgdisk --load-backup=/path/to/USB/sda_partition_table_01.01.2021 /dev/sda


Confirmed that SuperDuper v3.5 beta3 makes bootable backup of Monterey beta 1.


The install was approx. 23 gigs and backs up and boots ok to an approx. 33 gig partition.


You may be able to shave this down to 30 gigs without hitting low space warning.

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On 6/13/2021 at 2:54 AM, 2886zhu said:

Thank your for your sharing info🤗.

have you try Carbon Copy Cloner to back and restore Monterey too?

SuperDuper v3.5 beta3 for backup and restore.   Not clone, but different UUID while maintaining content.

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