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Pre-boot black screen on OpenCore 0.7.0

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Currently running OpenCore 0.6.6 with macos 11.2.2, which works fine. Trying to update to OpenCore 0.7.0, but I'm very much stuck on a black screen that tells me nothing.


I've tried switching to the debug version of OpenCore (as was advised here: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/troubleshooting/extended/opencore-issues.html#stuck-on-a-black-screen-before-picker), hoping to get some useful information. Sadly, this is the only output I get before ending up with the black screen:




Attached is .zip file of my EFI folder.


Can somebody please help me find what the problem is?


I don't see things in the EFI folder that explain this bug. It only occurs to me that you try HfsPlus.efi driver instead of OpenHfsPlus.efi. You can download it from here:



Regarding config.plist, you have set audio layout-id in 2 different places and with 2 different values:

  • boot-args: alcid = 1
  • DeviceProperties: layout-id = 01000003 which is 16777219 in decimal so I see you have the wrong number, it has to be 01000000.

As alcid in boot-args takes precedence so this is the parameter used, the key in DeviceProperties is ignored.




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Some Samsung SSDs are known to cause issues with OS X.

Try to update your 970 Evo to a suitable firmware, or try installing on another drive, even if it has to be SATA.

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