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Headless iGPU 4690s RX580 success

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I have been running just the AMD Rx580 on my rig for many years without giving the headless iGPU a thought. So tried it out and followed Dortania's instructions. Got it working fine (testes on Intel Power Gadget, VideoProc, Blackmagic Design Raw Speed, Geekbench). Any Metal stuff will be processed by the Rx580.


Does this make any difference to the speed of the OSx display operations? Just seems a tad snappier...... Is it real or psychological? 


Can't see any harm leaving it on constantly. Not sure why most installations don't automatically recommend it to be left on.

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The iGPU is never "off". Yes, having the iGPU properly configured does help even though you run it in headless mode and it'll be used in some graphical computation tasks like encoding for instance.

An annotation that I have observed on my system.
If I use MacPro7,1 with iGPU disabled in BIOS, all the work is made by the RX 580 and test scores are higher than if I use iMac19,1 with iGPU enabled in BIOS and headless mode in config.plist, in this case I see clearly the iGPU is actively collaborating in the test but the scores are slightly lower.
Example with Black Magic RAW Speedtest: scores with MacPro7,1 without iGPU are 25% higher than with iMac19,1 and iGPU headless mode.

I suppose it is normal because when collaborating in the test the iGPU, which is much less powerful than the dGPU, these results can be obtained.

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