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[Solved] Where does OC read infor for creating boot options in chooser?

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In HP 840 G3 I have SATA SSD & M2 SSD


Sata is boot drive with OC installed and Catalina 10.15.7

M2 has Big Sur 11.2.3 installed


Decided to give 11.4 update a go. Downloaded 5.7Gb, run the initial process for 20 minutes, rebooted


OC gave additional option Mackintosh HD, it started booting from it, failed miserably, so rebooted


I can get back to 11.2.3 (as nothing update-wise actually happened), but now I have these two additional boot options in red


How do I remove? Also there must be somewhere where the 5.7Gb download got extracted.

Anybody knows how the update is being stored before being applied in BS?









The entries boot:


11.2.3 entry boots:


Mackintosh HD boots:



UUID is that of Big Sur - Data disk


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I expect Macintosh HD is the logical temporary partition/volume created during and for the update; you would normally need to boot this until the update completes. If you don't and want to get rid of this whist retaining BS 11.2.3, boot the latter and delete the folder "Install ..." found in "System/Volumes/Data" if I remember correctly.

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That is correct, the volume is a temp volume for update purpose only.

"Rename" only of the folder does not remove it from OC menu


I cannot update because installer crashes (have another post opened), probably because OC needs update to 0.6.9 first for 11.4


But the com.apple.installer folder is only 300Mb or so in size.


Where is the rest of the 5.7Gb download?


And where is the info about what is bootable (blessed) stored? Because it is not in nvram



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Gave up! Did not yet learn the update process shenanigans


Instead used full 11.4 USB installer (with same EFI) and upgrade/update worked perfectly fine


Back to two boot options (if Aux are hidden)



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