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[help] macOS won't boot (turns into blackscreen)

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I bought ASUS B560m-Plus Wi-fi and Core 17 10700. But Big Sur won't boot. Please help...

I found EFI here but Config.plist doesn't work.

So I followed this guide to create a Config.plist (I used AMLs in JoveYu's EFI!)... And the result is shown in the pic. After that, display turns into blackscreen.

I would be very happy if someone could help me to start my machine. Thanks.

CPU: Intel Core i7 10700
Graphic: UHD630



EFI.zip opencore-2021-06-02-152203.txt

Are you sure your graphics card is supported by recent macOS? Read our forum about this question.

I don't use graphic card (actually, I use 2080ti for Windows but I do know it isn't supported by macOS. I already added -wegnoegpu in boot-args) and want to use  UHD630.

Yeah, well, it's Comet Lake graphics... Not officially supported and mixed results...

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