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Dell latitude 5480: Big Sur installing - EFI folder required

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Hi all,


did anybody succeed installating last version of Big Sur on an Dell Latitude 5480?

Mine has:

Skylake i5-6440HQ CPU @2.60GHz

Chipset skylake-H

Intel HD 530 graphics


I created my pendrive 64gb usb type-c with Big Sur OS 


but I cannot find any way and any correct EFI folder to boot and install with clover and Opencore.


could you please help me?

You probably need a patch DellSMBIOSPatch provided by Clover. It is for Dell laptops with skylake.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you really much for your reply @Slice

Do you have the right efi folder for my notebook?


latest version of Big Sur in my pendrive is ok, or for my notebook needs to flash another os?

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I have Dell Latitude E6430 which is not same as your Dell but you may look into my EFI folder at my signature.

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12 hours ago, Alex Kranich said:
i tried to add VoodooPS2Controller for keyboard. For touchpad add SSDT-TPDx.aml
            but is the same

It is not my way. I am using VoodooPS2_for_Alps which contains Controller, Keyboard and Touchpad drivers. I need no SSDT.

I also using DSDT fixes by Clover.

Can you help me to install it? Even today unsuccessfully.

Do you have the right efi folder for my notebook ? and please follow me for installing

I sold today my Imac and now i have only this notebook with windows and i dont know how to copy the EFI folder into the usb.

I have no right EFI folder for your notebook.

I can propose you to use BDU for creating USB stick with EFI folder more or less universal.

Then I can help you to change somthing if you'll tell me what is happen at start and will provide debug log.

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