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Samsung Notebook Plus NT350XCR 10210u - Lidwake Not Working

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Hi, a insanelymac newbie who just joined here.

I have successfully installed hackintosh on my laptop recently. I had to fake the cpu id from A0660 to 806EC to boot up the kernel.


But, opening the lid when the machine is sleeping does nothing. I have to press power button for 5 sec to wake it from sleep. If I lift the lid before the fans stop, screen turns on.


Also, before it goes to sleep, idle package power is near 1.4~1.6w.

However after waking up from sleep, idle package power is 2.5w+.. It goes back to normal when I perform a Hard Reboot.(Just turning the machine off and turning back on)

I don't know if this is related to my lidwake issue, but still I need to solve this too..


Idle power before going to sleep:



Idle power after waking up from sleep:



What I tried so far:


  • Tried WEG's FBAlternatePWMIncrement1/2 flags with ACPIPoller.kext ->Did not work.


  • Tried adding _PRW method to the lid0 device with DSDT->Able to see lid wake option when pmset -g, but did not work either. 
Return (GPRW (0x69, 0x04))

This did nothing except showing lidwake when pmset -g.

Just copying _PRW method from Power Button made it wake up at pressing the power button once, but still nothing with lid waking.

Tried to copy from Sleep Key, but I don't have one in my DSDT.


  • Tried SSDT-GPRW.aml with GPRW to XPRW renaming-> Did not work, makes the machine randomly freeze


  • Tried PEGP to GFX0 renaming beacause the boot log always showed ACPI error about ^^RP05.PEGP-> Did not work, but I don't see those errors anymore. Is it okay to just use it?



Model: NT350XCR (Samsung Notebook Plus)

CPU: i5-10210u CPUID A0660 faked to 806EC

SSD1: pm991 oem (Disabled via SSDT_NVME-Pcc.aml, Win10)

SSD2: MX500 (Hackintosh, Big Sur 11.4)

WLAN: AC9462

LAN: RTL8168

Audio: ALC256

RAM: 8GB DDR4 x1


My original DSDT from OpenCore SysReport



My EFI's OC folder (Removed SMBIOS infos, Removed all kext files due to upload size limit, version 0.6.9)



Looks like it happens to other comet lake samsung laptops. e.g. GalaxyBook Flex, GalaxyBook Ion

Would be glad if someone could solve this.. :D

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