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The keyboard layout is all messed up.

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Please remember that you are in a public forum, a bit of courtesy is always welcome. It's always nice to start by saying "Hi" or "Hello" before asking a question or seeking help. Also a "thank you" would be appreciated, especially if the help you get is effective.

My Hackintosh keyboard's layout (an old CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate) has gone utterly insane since the other day; for example, pushing "d" on the keyboard digits d and tab, pushing backspace accomplishes nothing, and pushing "f" digits f and Arrow Down.

I thought the keyboard had died on me, but it doesn't happen when I boot into Windows or use it on another computer, so I assumed it was a strange Hackintosh issue, but it works well with a Magic Keyboard connected by lightning.

Is there a way to fix it? I've previously looked on reddit and insanelyMac, but everyone just uses a different keyboard instead of attempting to repair the problem, which is something I'd prefer avoid.

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Ask yourself what changed since the hardware was working as expected.


Have you recently updated mac OS to a beta release or made BIOS changes?


Is the keyboard properly recognized and working as expected in recovery mode?


Verify that you have the config that corresponds to your keyboard/language in OC config.plist and that your keyboard is recognized as the layout you that you want in the mac OS config.


Experiment by adding a different language or layout and then reboot and delete any additions you do not want.


OC config.plist Assuming english:





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