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ALC887 id=1 vs id=99 issues in AppleALC

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Using Gigabyte H97-HD3 with the Realtek ALC887 soundchip.


The sound chip is quite well support by AppleALC except for the following 'quirks':


1. When using id=1 or id=7, sound via USB port to a DAC etc works. All the motherboard based ports work, except for the SPDIF port on a riser card (My motherboard doesn't have built-in optical SPDIF - it has connector for a riser card). In fact, plugging in another USB DAC will automatically create another USB sound output option in system preference.


2. However, when using id=99, the optical SPDIF output works at the expense of totally disabling any USB sound output, ie. plugging a USB DAC does not cause another output option to pop up in system preference.



I was wondering if anyone can compile this to make something that works COMPLETELY.


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