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My First Hackintosh - Asus Prime z490 - i9 10900k

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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to start by thanking everyone here for sharing their knowledge and experience. Today, I stood up my first hand built Hackintosh. All the usual disclaimers apply... This is strictly an experiment and the machine is being used at home, non-commercial, etc. etc.

I'm not just an Apple fanboy, I'm a loyalist. I have easily spent over $180,000 on Apple products in my personal and professional life over the past 30+ years. (My first Apple was a IIc.) However, throughout my career I have learned to use Windows and Linux with proficiency. I don't consider myself adept at programming, though I am very familiar with SQL and Java.

Ok, so my interest grew in building my own Mac after the last year of getting into PC building with my two sons, age 10 and 12. With little else to do as a stay at home Dad, my career paused due to COVID, I started avidly watching Linus Tech Tips, JayzTwoCents, and Gamers Nexus, as well as other hobbyist/enthusiasts on YouTube. That led to this forum as well as InsanelyMac and back to YouTube for Technolli and Brandon Yen videos. Which led to Dortania and the whole OpenCore community. Again, you guys are amazing, all of the aforementioned and hereafter mentioned as well....

Ok... so the whole PC parts market sucks, and I was committed to buying only and as much as I could, used. Here is what I came up with from local Fb purchases, Mercari finds, Offerup, and Ebay distress sales...

CPU: i9 10900k - dellidded, and binned as stable at 5.4 all core under direct die cooling - I bought a Rockit Cool copper IHS kit and slapped that on.

MoBo: Asus Prime z490-P open box

GPU: Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700xt from a college kid who stood in line at MicroCenter in NJ and snagged a RTX $3080 and was kind enough to sell me this one at a non-scalper price.

AIO: NZXT x53 (new)

Case: TT Level 20 MT - I liked the looks of it and got it open box

Ram: Patriot Viper 32GB (16gbx2) 3600mhz NewEgg flash sale

PSU: TT 850w - I swear I bought it 2 years ago for $50 and it has been sitting in my office drawer

NVME: 2tb WD SN750 bought on Mercari

Wifi/BT: Fenvi T919 on Ebay

Used cables and fans in amazingly good condition.



Everything works, except sound right now (output via HDMI works) but none of the rear audio ports work [S/PDIF, RCA-Analog], so any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

ight now I'm at the *staring and drooling in awe* phase that its actually working so well. I'll gather the remainder of the particulars mentioned above and post for everyone.

Next up will be to install Opencanopy for boot aesthetics. I am awaiting a second 2tb drive which will be a Win10 Pro drive for my professional work (all nicely licensed).

I'm not sure what I will do with this machine, other than to benchmark it and compare it to my previous desktop which was a i7 iMac with 32gb and a 3.128 Fusion Drive, which I have had for the last 6 years and was affectionately known as my "Monster-Mac."

This bad boy might earn the "Killer-Mac" moniker though. It has already destroyed my 2019 i9 16" Macbook Pro's Geekbench 5 and Cinebench R23 scores *embarrassing*.

At very least I hope this post results in a great/useful exchange of knowledge... (I've cross posting to Ir/hackintosh).




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