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New to hackintoshing, if thats a word. lol


Have just installed Big Sur on the following hardware:


Asus z370 Prime

i5 8500

AMD 5500xt (dual screen, 1080p and 4k)

NVMe Toshiba 250gb

24Gb Crucial Ram


Its lagging big time, especially in the terminal.

So looking for answers... lol

A Hackintosh can experience poor performance/severe lag due to:

  1. incorrect CPU power management settings, leading to lack of SpeedStepping & Turbo boost
  2. incorrect graphics settings, leading to lack of graphics acceleration; this is what usually causes the most severe lag


Post a zipped copy of your bootloader EFI folder (reduced down to ACPI & kexts folder + the config file).

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I don't know what configuration is required for the AMD 5500XT if any at all but make sure to remove the nVidia Web driver you would have used for High Sierra; it's not compatible with Big Sur.

I looked at your OC config and noticed 2 x things in device properties:

  1. empty/no properties for a device located at PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0) so one must wonder why you have this device entry
  2. for iGPU device located at PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) you have:
    • ig-platform-id set to 07009B3E (which is the correct value)
    • framebuffer-patch-enable set to 1 (but no subsequent patching)

Your Coffee Lake i5-8500 is fitted with UHD630 graphics with iGPU id 3E92 so all is in order to get graphics acceleration on that. Then I guess activation may be a matter of BIOS settings (iGPU, PCIe graphics or both).

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