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OC: Prelinked injection VoodooHDA.kext (VoodooHDA) - Invalid Parameter

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Hello i come back with my sound problem. I used VoodooHDA and it doesn't load. "Prelinked injection VoodooHDA.kext (VoodooHDA) - Invalid Parameter". What is the problem . I give you my logs.(modifié)
I hope that your help.


I do not believe the actual bootloader you use is of any relevance to the VoodooHDA issue here.


Opencore stop with this message

23:292 00:008 OCAK: Dependency com.apple.iokit.IOAudioFamily was not found for kext org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA
23:332 00:039 OCAK: Vtable patching failed for kext org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA
23:347 00:015 OC: Prelinked injection VoodooHDA.kext (VoodooHDA) - Invalid Parameter
23:353 00:006 OCAK: Patching invalid size 17000 with 1528000 for com.apple.iokit.IONetworkingFamily
23:378 00:024 OCAK: Local relocs 469 on FFFFFF800401B000
23:391 00:013 OC: Prelinked injection RealtekRTL8111.kext (RealtekRTL8111) - Success
23:392 00:001 OC: Prelinked injection DisableEHCI.kext (DisableEHCI) - Success
23:394 00:001 OC: Prelinked injection USBMap.kext (USBMap) - Success
23:395 00:001 OCAK: Plist-only kext has CFBundleExecutable key

A zipped copy of your OC EFI folder maybe?

Version of VoodooHDA used?

An indication of any add-on kexts you potentially cache from /L/E (probably not from /S/L/E)?


I had to add this to solve my issue




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@ellaosx where I write your soluce in my config.plist of my OpenCore ?


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@Herve the EFI folder. I hope that's ok

@ellaosx when I add a IOAudioFamily.kext and modify my config.plist no change OpenCore.



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It's as I thought: you inject VoodooHDA but forgot the AppleHDADisabler kext. As I stated in a previous message, these 2 go in pair. It's available in the older VoodooHDA installation packages available at the VoodooHDA site. You can extract the kext with Pacifist app.



I do not believe you need that IOAudioFamily kext so my advice to you is to remove it.


:whistle:It's not going to work until you enable AppleHDADisabler in your OC config, is it?

Hello @Hervé i"ve activated all my kext. Nothing change.

Is there a cache or another files where all older config are saved ? 


Did you Reset NVRAM at reboot? You need to do it after most OC config changes.

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