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[HOW TO] Opencore 0.6.7 > 0.6.8 differences

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1 hour ago, westsurf said:

Excuse the noob question but does the config.plist need to be re writtne / comiled for every Opencore upgrade?


If you want to save work, you can use your current 0.6.7 OpenCore and apply these changes to it:

  • Replace EFI/BOOT folder
  • Replace drivers and tools that you have in the EFI/OC/Drivers and EFI/OC/Tools folders
  • Replace the EFI/OC/OpenCore.efi file
  • Replace the EFI/OC/Resources folder with another one downloaded from acidanthera with icons suitable for 0.6.8
  • Modify the config.plist file with the commented changes in post 1.

To check if config.plist is well built for 0.6.8 you have to use the ocvalidate tool included in the OpenCore package. You must always use ocvalidate downloaded with the version of OpenCore that you are going to use.



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