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Need Help with HP 450 G2 Running Sierra and Above

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Asking for help running Mac OS Sierra on this machine.



Core i5 5200 2.20Ghz


Intel HD 5500 Graphics

Realtek Audio ALC282

Realtek Ethernet

Atheros Wifi

Samsun EVO 750 250Gb SSD



Previously installed, Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 running in Asus K53E Laptop --died.  Took SSD drive out and placed in the HP 450 G2 laptop.

Booted up with old config funning HD 3000.  The About shows HD3000 but in System Report shows metal support and 1536 memory for video graphics.  Made some changes in Clover it is version 5116 and on the old laptop could not run UEFI boot. Had to use legacy boot. So MBR is different?


The SSD Drive is Mac Sierra 10.12.6 running legacy boot.

The HP 450 supports UEFI Native without CSM and Hybrid with CSM.  It is currently on without CSM and had to switch in BIOS to User TPM so it would boot up.  Not familiar with HP BIos tinkered with makes me dangerous.

Looked around on Google, have very little info on this laptop to correctly setup bios and run Mac OS.

Goal is to install Catalina on this HP 450 G2.  Seems possible with Dosdude1 installer.


Thank you kindly

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Found Rehabman's guide to installing in HP Probook 450 G2 on another forum and used it to get going.

However that guide in general in many places does not cover the specifics in great detail, yet it got the job done

and everything works perfectly. Everything.  


The USB thing is next.  Have an SSDT to fix the USB.  Although right now with just USBInjectall.kext all ports and USB3 is working just fine without an UIAC.aml.  But I think he has a point in conserving power by removing ports that are not used.

Have to leave a few for future uses though lest we kill the foot that needs it.


In order for this work right I had to completely format the drive.  Otherwise certain aspects of Rehabman's scripts will not work.


My previous botched experience was with Asus running legacy boot. UEFI is much different.

Plus the difference in the graphics, and things like this creates a new learning level yet it is not easy.

However, after experiencing these things, still learning.


Thank you Rehabman for a great work you have done.  It works great. I wish I knew about you earlier before you decided to exit.

Have great rest of your life! Again Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 


Have a good day.

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