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Help with HD4000 on a 6 series board

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I have a generic All-In-One PC with HM65 Board (6 Series) & HD 4000 IGPU with LVDS bult-in-display connector.


What i have done so far:

1. inject IMEI 1e3a8086 in config.plist  (since its a 6 Series).

2. Grabbed EDID in windows because clover cannot detect it.

3. Tried ALL framebuffers but only 01660004 let me login to desktop. The rest are all blackscreen.

4. Used Fixedid to edit my EDID but results are the same


But the problems with 01660004 is, im having a bad graphics even i have full acceleration.desktop.thumb.jpg.f3cce2c6389ff56baaea2a6a57ae3fd7.jpg


System Profiler show that i have Full acceleration



The rest of framebuffers that i tested gave me blacscreen. Tried using VNC remote to check but there was no acceleration. It seems that only 01660004 work on my system.


Any thoughts?

Edited by ellaosx

In your configs, your iGPU injected properties appear incorrect to me:

  1. pipe count should be set to 2 (as per Capri layout 01660003)
  2. reduce memory size to 8MB to avoid graphics glitches (framebuffer-fbmem 00008000 DATA)
  3. stolen memory does not usually require adjustment for HD4000 graphics; I'd remove that property

I don't believe you need to inject EDID at all; the fact that injecting it changes nothing proves it so I'd remove that property too.

I take it that you deliberately removed all SMBIOS data because it was all empty; if not, use Clover Configurator to properly generate your SMBIOS DATA.

If you use Lilu + WEG, you don't need to set "Inject Intel" and I don't believe you need to set "Dual link" either (I could be wrong of course).


Then, I have to question your selection of ACPI patches, your list of ACPI device renamings and the incorrect CPU power management settings but that's another (off-topic) story so let's put this aside.

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