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First Time with Hackintosh

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Hello i recently bought a new pc and wanted to convert the old one into an hackintosh. i have never done this installation but i read online that the method changes with the hardware. here i upload my components. can someone say me if is possible or not, and how i can do that??? i want to install the latest version (big sure 11.0). thank you so much guys.

ED270R and 2460 are monitors.

Screenshot (11).png


This computer is mostly compatible with BigSur but Nvidia GTX970 no.

You should change it to older Nvidia 760 (Kepler family) or some AMD Radeon.

13 hours ago, IlChiarins said:

can you suggest me an amd card with 4gb ram compatible? and what procedure should i follow?

I have AMD RX570 4Gb and it is fully compatible out-of-box. Whatevergreen is not needed.

The procedure for card replacing is follow:

1. Take out GTX970

2. Insert RX570.


Tutorials are also available in the Dortania's GPU Buyers Guide if you cared to read the documentation posted at the place.

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If you search, it is possible someone has a tutorial for your specific hardware stack. I've used those for my HP Elites a few times and they've been rock solid. However, I helped a friend rebuild his older hack last spring using OpenCore and the site is one giant tutorial, with tons of details explaining what various kext files and such do. Start at the top and take your time to pull together all the recommended files for your build.


I will also add we used the pre-built SSDTs because time was precious and even on an older CPU system the OpenCore boot was still faster than my Beast or Clover builds.

And Slice is correct about the RX570/580. He had to upgrade from his GTX 750 ti and his 570 booted right away.

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