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Hi Everyone

Need you guys expert opinion about my issue with HP ProDesk 600 G2 Microtower.

Created Catalina Clover USB and installed it to this machine without any issue

Board: Asus H81M-K
CPU: i5-4590
GPU: HD 4600
SSDs: 128GB x 2
HDD: 500GB

Now when trying the same USB installer on HP ProDesk 600 G2 Microtower

Board: Q150
CPU: i5-6500
GPU: HD 530
SSD: 500GB
HD: 500GB

Progress bar slows down after 50% and takes 7-10 minutes to 100% and then stuck there forever. Can anyone please help with it?

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18 hours ago, Hervé said:

Re-assure us all: you're not re-using the exact same bootloader setup made for the Haswell system on the Skylake one, are you? :huh:

Thanks Hervé. Yeah, updated installer for Skylake before attempt (EFI & config.plist), but no luck, actually never tried ProDesk 600 G2 before as hackintosh, so no idea if it need any special kext or something.


Yesterday I've updated that Haswell system to Big Sur using OpenCore and again it went smooth, then created installer for Skylake using same method (OC-Gen-X) but it stuck at 'virtual bool coreanalyticshub'.

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