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z840 dual processor upgrade 4c 8t to 14c 28t now OSX Catalina wont boot

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I need help!

I went from dual E5-2637 v3 - 4 core 8 threads and no problems

to dual E5-2690v4 -14 cores 28 threads not OSX Catalina wont boot

not sure how to fix this

attached please find a screen shot of the boot screen


any help / suggestions are welcomed




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I cant read or access the catalina EFI partition from windows on the z840

I mounted the catalina boot USB into my mojave vm and found out that the catalina usb does not contain a dsdt file only SSDT-OLARILA.aml


not sure now how to proceed?


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added info: also system no longer boots from USB either
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added newly generated dsdt file to the catalina usb to no avail

same result as screen shot

is there no one who knows how to fix this?

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more info: just created new VoodooTSCSync.kext also to no avail
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