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can I use clover to run windows 7 installer and windows 7 on a non acpi compliant motherboard?

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I have two retro builds one is a k6 III+ and the other is a dual pentium mmx I have windows 7 and windows ME on the k6 which runs very well and windows xp sp3 on the dual k6 but I want to run windows 7 and ME on it instead but can't seem to get windows 7 to install because it gives me a error saying the bios isn't fully acpi compliant and it is correct the bios file contains no acpi table. also the chipset doesn't support it and seemingly never will be able to and yes I have the latest bios


I'm wanting to use the computers as 9x gaming machines part time and use the dual pentium as my network file server the rest of the time (there are reasons I can't consider switching them) I've done network benchmarks with xp and the dual mmx is more than fast enough for this task and soon to be even better with the new network card I ordered for it


To those of you who just have to inject other ideas thanks but I specifically want to use this computer for this task for fun and as a novelty I already have working alternatives I specifically want to move it to this computer,


I have tried linux but was only able to get ubuntu on it and ubuntu was unusably slow, debian failed, I may be able to do fedora but it also keeps failing though I may be able to make it work with more effort, free/open/netbsd fails, not to mention I really am not a linux/unix user I and do not want to use linux/unix because I really have no idea how to make them do things other than install the os lol. I just want to put windows 7 on it because I keep running into issues making xp work with my GPT disks, and windows 10 network. and just be done with it windows 7 is easy and stable and works with the things that are giving me trouble in xp. also having windows 7 on it is another novelty for the build that I want to do. so can we keep the responses related to the question being asked please? :)


can I use clover on 586 without cmov, sse,sse2,etc? and will it allow windows 7 to see a acpi environment, install and can I boot the installed OS using clover? if so which version?


also, how exactly do I do that lol

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I doubt it is possible. Clover was developed for macOS and so it supported at least Core Single CPU (Yonah or Dothan).

As well Clover can correct ACPI tables on the fly but there must be some initial state.

Clover version has no matter because you are not going to boot macOS. New versions has less bugs and supports all CPUs.

You may be successful if you are programmer. If no then forget it.

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