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Having a wierd issue with the clock thats NOT UTC/GMT or battery related

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Morning all,


Having an odd clock issue. I had been on the hackintosh for a few days up until yesterday morning when it was rebooted in to windows.

After a while, i noticed that the clock was not changing beyond the hour, after 11.59 it went back to 11.00. I rebooted to bios and corrected the time there, and back in windows everything looked fine, i had a couple of games of PUBG until I was suddenly booted off of the servers because the clock issue happened again & my time was wrong. This kept on until i finally shutdown at 4am this morning, i got up an hour ago & when i booted up windows the time says 4am, so i rebooted to bios and corrected it again. If this was a battery issue, then the clock would reset to 12.00 and even if the battery was removed the time would not change until the computer was powered down.


Anyone have any ideas as to how to fix this?


My machine specs:

Thanks for the response

I have just done that though i would have thought if i was effected by the UTC issue my clock would simply be out by an hour, like back when i did my Sierra build, prompting me to switch windows to UTC.

Since then everything was running without issue, when i upgraded hardware i just tweaked clover and everything was still fine. My issue manifested after changing to High Sierra & tweaking clover some more, plus i don't think changing the time in windows has any effect on the time that's set in the motherboard bios, which is why to me it feels like a lingering ACPI patch or something.


Will see how it goes

  nothing unusual happens, BIOS, windows and macOS have different ways to see the time:
join the reg in windows and don't think about it anymore.... if you're interested in delving deeper into the subject, google is your friend 

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