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Big Sur 11.1 > 11.2 upgrade - Clover 5129 - Legacy Bios

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On my good old trusty Optiplex 980 running an iMac 16,1 SMBIOS everything works well. I have had to use OC to actually install BS via an update from Catalina and setting msu-product-url nvram variable but once running i can switch back to clover and the machine runs really well. I also have working emulated nvram in clover.


The issue is that even though i have emulated nvram the only way to update this machine is to boot back into OC and update that way. Clover will not update the machine and results in the attached which happens just before the machine reboots. As you can see its an nvram setting issue but i wonder if its possible to manually inject the required nvram variables prior to the upgrade. I cant run this machine using OC for day to day use as the CPU is so old that power management is not supported in OC therefore performance is very poor.


Has anyone ever managed to run upgrades of BS using Clover on a machine with emulated nvram? I dont imagine so but worth a shot. This machine although old still performs really well! Worst case is i boot from OC and update and then boot back via clover but would be nice to know if this can be made to work.



I updated my old Dell Vostro200 C2D desktop (details in signature) to Big Sur 11.2 and 11.2.1 without even the hint of a hiccup but it can't be done with Clover, at least for the moment (->I r5129).



I operate exactly the same way as you (in legacy mode + emulated NVRAM): OC (off a USB key) to install and update Big Sur but Clover (on the SSD's ESP) as a daily runner (because I still use High Sierra and, occasionally, a Pascal GeForce GT1030 on my old C2D) though we'll see how long this lasts... For OC update, I temporarily switch to iMac Pro SMBIOS whereas, during regular operations, I use iMac10,1 SMBIOS with -no_compat_check boot arg.


You'll see details here if you're interested:



Lack of proper CPU power management with OC does not negatively impact performance at all in Big Sur; it's just that CPU only fluctuates between LFM and HFM with no intermediate speeds/frequencies. To be honest, it's not really an issue on a desktop, unlike a laptop.


You'll be offered Big Sur updates as long as SIP is not disabled with CSR config set to 0xFFF (it must be enabled or disabled with good old values such as 0x67 or 0x3e7). Otherwise, all you'll get will be the latest full installer through AppStore (11.2 at time of writing). To complete Big Sur updates, you'll just have to boot with OC until it's all done. As you suspected, today such update cannot be done with Clover and you obviously master what's required here. :yes:

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Not quite sure if it's new Clover R5133. I actually update form Big Sur 11.2 > 11.4 Beta 1 with Clover two days ago without expectation. LGA775 (G41/X3330) with Legacy system. 


I did Big Sur fresh install with a real MacBook Pro and move SSD back to my PC, and boot with Clover without issue. (after many failures).

Did a CCC and make a update testing Clover, since I thought soon or later I will have to did system update. and update is quite slow but the result is supinely working. 

Again, I am not sure if that's because of newer version Clover or new BS update, and not a expert. just like to share my experience



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