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Touchpad not working Lenovo T440P Clover Catalina

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Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum. that helped me a lot building my first hackintosh on my Lenovo t440p. I used an efi folder of another site's guide and now I'm writing from Safari, everything seems to work, except from the wireless/bt (for the moment, I'm using an USB adapter), and the trackpad. When I was installing it, it worked nicely, but afterwards, nothing... I'm currently using an usb mouse that works well, by the way.
I don't know what to do, except to ask for your help guys! I don't know what to attach, because if I go to /System/Extension I can't find any kext for trackpad, I searched for "trackpad", "touchpad" and "Synaptics" and nothing appears. I don't want to install something that will make my hackintosh unusable, so can you tell me how I verify if there is any kext for trackpad already installed and, if not, install one?
I hope that you can help me guys, thank you in advance!

installed kext from terminal to /Library/Extensions. Now trackpad works with 2 fingers scroll gesture. Anyways, any other gesture doesn't work.

Now, I noticed that even right click is not working

Can you help me?

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