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Asus H97 + i5-4690 CPU - back to hackintosh world

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After many years with my windows10 + old high sierra partition that I use only for final cut pro x and adobe lightroom+photoshop, thanks to the new 1tb ssd, I want to fresh install the osx partition.

Yesterday I've check the kext folder in EFI partition and is empty and using clover configurator it seems that is not configured at all (i've attached the folder) but despite of this the system is 100% working.

I've tried to edit the config.plist file to hide a lot of partition from the boot menu and disabling the scan option, but after that I wasn't able to boot windows or osx, so using clover shell I've edit back the config.plist to enable scan option and deleting the hide section.

Could you please help to proper install Catalina in my pc? Which bootloader do you suggest, clover or opencore?


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OpenCore only becomes necessary for Big Sur and given that OC incurs some non-critical side effects in Win10, you may want to stick to Clover for Catalina for the time being.


Looking at the Clover EFI folder you posted, it is indeed more or less an empty shell; can't say I'm too surprised given the place you went to when you 1st installed High Sierra. Let's start afresh and do things properly with no non-sense this time... ^_^


First of all, please post your system's specs so that we know what your PC contains (discrete graphics card, audio codec, LAN, wireless, card reader, USB, etc.). Right now, all we know is the i5-4690 CPU which integrates HD4600 graphics and your Clover config suggests audio is ALC887.


It would also be very useful if would could:

  1. save an IOReg output from IORegistryExplorer app
  2. save an output from SysInfo (Apple Menu->System Information)
  3. zip both files and post them

Then, given that your Clover kexts folder is empty, you must have cached your kexts from /L/E (:)) or /S/L/E (:(). So check those folders, identify your add-on kexts and copy them in a dedicated folder that you can zip and post here.


We'll try and take it from there.

Hi Hervé,

thanks for answering me.

My pc is very simple, CPU, Motherboard, Ram, integrated HD4600 sound (ALC887) and Lan, ssd and hd.

No Wireless card, card reader or anything else


I've attached the log from point 1 and 2.

My kexts were in /L/E

In /S/L/E there is VoodooPS2Controller.kext (I've an old keyboard)

Archive.zip kext.zip

All looks Ok as right now. You may upgrade directly to Catalina through Software update or the AppStore and run the Catalina installation package directly from Catalina. There are only a few pre-requisites:

1) that you inject a SSDT-EC.aml table so that Catalina does not KP

2) that you run a Clover version that supports Catalina; stay away from Clover versions past r5119 because these will need additional settings (Quirks to name them).


We can look at fine-tuning your setup afterwards. Big Sur does not officially support iMac 14,x for some reason even if they can technically run it without issues. Haswell platforms and HD4600 remain supported. Just to say that Software Update should only offer you Catalina 10.15.7, not Big Sur.

Can you explain me the point 1) or a link to a guide?

Anyway I prefer to make a clean installation of Catalina in my new ssd



Edit: It is important to me to enable Intel quick sync

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I had to manually move my hd and old ssd from sata 5 - 6 to others sata port due to limitation of the motherboard (shared bus between sata5-6 and nvme) but now I can only boot directly to windows, Clover is not showing and I cant boot to high sierra to create the usb bootable with cortana :(


another thing: I've tried to copy my old ssd to the new one with clonezilla (using parted magic 2018) but it wasn't able to copy the efi partition. Which software do you suggest? and after that, which software to expand the mac partition?




edit: i've tried also with acronis true image but it fails

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