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Trying to install with Opencore "internet required"

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I downloaded the full install of 10.15 from gibMacOS, I was under the impression it could do an offline install - I was apparently not correct.  To the best of what I understood from Googling, I downloaded IONetworkingFamily.kext, put it in kext folder and rebuilt my config file.  The install still gives me an internet connection's required. So I went into the network tab at the top and I see en0, but with nothing listed for anything. I Googled this, and all I could find was to type "ifconfig en0 media 1000baseT" in the terminal, no info on what it actually does. I tried that, still nothing. Still only showing en0 and the rest blank when I check network.  I have been working on this half of today and am not making any progress. I'm at the point where I'm stuck, Google isn't helping me and on my own I'm not coming up with anything.


Any help, please?


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