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LGA 771 Cpu X5365 on Mojave ?

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When I had a Wolfdale-DP Xeon X5270 in my Dell Vostro 200 ST (with LGA775-to-LGA771 mod), it was impossible to boot any macOS version (with Clover) without npci=0x2000 or npci=0x3000 boot arg, something I never needed with a regular Wolfdale C2D CPU such as E8x00. Failing that, PC would simply freeze, followed by a complete reset/reboot.

Yep it’s woodcrest , I make usb with uni 10.14.6 , legacy boot + nvidia 2xxx series , I have on it GT 220 GeForce ( Yosemite supporting on old Mac Pro - no Sfoot or OS X Hacker - just an Hackintosh ) , I try with opemu and with other trick .... at apple logo shoot down or stuck at 3/4 percent .... ( boot screen with Clover ) Vanilla and 775 clover efi from Rocky 12 post ( Just Rock ) noT boot ......  resurection of old Mac Pro 2.1 2006 folk plzzzzzz

:whistle:You should have started by saying you were talking about an old MacPro2,1... <_<


Xeon X5365 is actually Clovertown and, as you'll see here, therefore lacks the SSE4.1 instruction set required for macOS. It's obsolete hardware for those versions and the best you would be able to run is OS X El Capitan. If you read the literature posted since 2012, you'll find that you'll also need specific patches (like SFOTT) to run any OS X version beyond Lion due to 32bit EFI on this model. Just look it up at places like MacRumors that are better suited for you and your real Mac than this Hackintosh forum. You're quite a few years late...


You also need to know that GeForce GT220 is Tesla and that it's last supported in High Sierra. Can be supported in Mojave and Catalina with very specific patches.

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