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Bulldozer FX-6300 won't boot USB installer.

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I got a bulldozer system recently and installed my 5500XT graphics card in it.  It came with an FX 6300 and an MSI 970A-G43 PLUS motherboard and a single stick of 8GB DDR3 RAM.


I created an opencore 0.6.5 usb installer, and it is not wanting to seeming try to boot.  The screen just goes blank and I have to force the USB as first device and still nothing.


I am installing the latest Catalina 10.15.7


I spent half the day trying to get the patches for bulldozer to copy and paste like in the Dortania guide.  That didn't help.


Here's my EFI if someone can look and see what is wrong?  I've been looking all evening trying to figure this out.


Also, my EFI folder says I have some logs 262kb in size, but they are all empty with nothing in them.


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