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Big Sur poor performance Haswell OC 0.5.6

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Hi everyone. Long time Clover user who switched to OC. I'm having issues with Big Sur and an overall very slow system. Boot time is ok although mouse freezes on login and only keyboard works.

Tried to make SSDT (PLUG and EC) and config.plist from scratch with smbios iMac 15,1 and probably there is ton of space to cleanup and improve. I'm using both internal gpu hd4600 and dGpu with a dual monitor setup both on hdmi. I've not managed to fully remap usb (but all recognised XHC1, EHCI 1 and 2) still 2 front panel 3.0 are not working. Ethernet is fine with RealtekRTL8111 kext although I'm using Chris1111 kexts using wifi usb adapter.


Here is my config.plist, thank you for any help. 



Edit: sleep doesn't work either, open to any idea. 

Would you be able to help @MaLd0n?


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