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  1. ombra88

    Kernel Panic on Asus Z87-K

    Man thank you! Sadly the problem of shutdown and restart persists.
  2. Hi to everyone, It's been a couple of days I am trying to fix an issue I am having with this config: i7 4770K Asus Z87-k R9 290x Dlink Dwa-140 b3 WIFI usb adapter Everything works fine but basically with the AppleALC kext (which I need for the audio) I cant shutdown and restart properly. When I try to shutdown or restart, after the display turn off it's like it freezes... If I remove it everything works like a charm. I tried to fix it with clover but nothing...and also paid attention to the Lilu/appleAlc compatibility... Thank you in advance guys!
  3. ehm i'm noob at it so how can i get the pci ids?And no i didn't, i will try it on sierra, let's see if this will work[emoji85] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi to all, i installed mac os sierra some time ago and apart that i have a big problem with the r9 290x, i can't make my dlink dwa 140 rev d2 work with it, so the fact is that i'm little desperate cuze i need internet on sierra, if someone could help it would be really helpful!!! Thanks for the attention! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. ahaha ehm it would be helpful for me too cuze i'm super noob at it, btw i will try to use mac pro 6,1 and i will update if it work or not, the problem of some people here is that they don't have to do that, it's all about if they want or not help and put the hackintosh world, community ecc in the next level. Before here, i was using tony.. and i wrote an entire guide about my config...but none is equal. hi i'm ombra thank you a lot for your help!!! if you can help, for me that i have the msi r9 290x with tri-x flashed bios, what should i do? cuze everytime i try to boot, i experience just a no signal screen.
  6. i'm already using clover configurator the problem is that i dk what to choose, if i can ask, what did you choose to setup your hackintosh in clover config?
  7. if you need more materials, tell me, and thank you so much for your help!!! i'm sure we are helping other guys that have the same problem with this topic.
  8. if i remember the smbios is in the config.plist, right? sorry is a long time that i don't nothing in the hackintosh world. if yes, this is the smbios from the config.plist that i was using before yours. Smbios.zip
  9. Nothing, still this no signal screen
  10. are you experiencing a problem with the empty folder of the usb with clover configurator on your hackintosh?
  11. Thats perfect!! Thank you and can you tell me what should i do, so if i understand i boot from my usb, but i don't get where paste your config. Thank you hope i will be useful, and maybe find a way to fix our problem. Btw so you are booting with the onboard gpu?
  12. Can you help us to fix this problem cuze for me it's impossible even boot with the r9 and thr fact that when i mount my usb with cliver config on my hackintosh the efi folder is empty :/, thanks for thr support and attention!
  13. ombra88

    [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    hi to all i'm sorry if i enter in this way in this topic but i tried everything and i can't find someone that would help me,so does anyone know how to make the r9 290x work with mac os sierra? Thank you so much to all for the help and attention!
  14. ombra88

    Problema strano durante caricamento video.

    ciao alla fine ho installato mac os sierra ma non mi va con la r9 290x, devo usare solo la scheda integrata, tu hai qualche consiglio in merito? ho aperto anche un post
  15. hi honestly you are more lucky then me cuze mine doesn't recognize the effective msi r9 290x and i can boot only with the onboard gpu, if i try to use my r9 after the apple logo doesn't happen totally nothing, only no signal