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Dumb luck on QE/CI for Arrandale: A biopsy report

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Hi guys,


I know this box is usually for issue reporting and asking for help. This one is not really an issue but I still want to write about it and ask for your thoughts on what was right and wrong with my Hackintosh.


I have been pulling my hair (literally!) for the last 2 weeks for cannot enable QE/CI on my Hackintosh (specs in signature) and tried every possible combination of kexts on this legendary guide, none of these works. True to be told, I have never had problem Hackintosh cannot recognize the iGPU and full VRAM, just no QE/CI. Until lately...


I reinstalled High Sierra + Clover and recycled the config.plist from the last Sierra installation. This one used the original kexts of HS and the new WEG patches in config.plist (I have tried this before with HS+OC, doesn't work). But this time, it worked (magically). Now I have full QE/CI enabled on my HS. If I have to guess, I think this time I installed VboxHFS driver with Clover, which I have never done before. Since I'm not quite sure how VboxHFS can affect my installation, especially as I formatted my SDD with APFS, can anybody give some opinion here? Config.plist is in attachment.


Now, I am working to enable VGA as the laptop I'm using has broken hinge and I'm turning it into a Mac mini. Last time with the patched DSDT and these kext patches, I got the signal on my external screen but it was super scrambled. Anybody have experience whether the patched DSDT and kexts will work well with the WEG patches?


Thank y'all.


Note: I would like to thank @Baio77 for his constant supports to my quest for QE/CI





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