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OpenCore multiboot from different drive

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Hi! I'm trying to migrate from Clover to OpenCore and now stuck with main partition not showing in OpenCore.

I have non-trivial setup on my laptop with SSD and HDD on it. On SSD I have Windows EFI partition and both Windows and macOS bootable partitions. On HDD I have Clover EFI partition and other non-bootable partitions.

Such setup worked well as Clover was magically finding both Windows and macOS on SSD. But this seems to not work for OpenCore. It shows Recovery partition and some Install left-overs on SSD, but not my main system.

I tried to set OpenCore on HDD EFI and on external USB EFI - same result.

In Clover for tricky cases was an option by adding boot partition by UUID. I was thinking about adding custom Entry to the config.plist of OpenCore, but there is no .efi file on my system partition...

Any suggestion are highly appreciated!

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I boot to installation USB drive which sees my system partition properly and then selected Startup Partition menu and choose my system drive. This added "MAC_SSD - Data via Preboot" entry to Clover and to OC! I was able to boot after this.

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