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HELP - Open Core 0.6.4 - Threadripper 1920x - Asus Rog Zenith Alpha Extreme

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Hi Everyone! This is my first hack. I've followed the guide from dortania and have been troubleshooting for days now.

According to the debugging log I am always stuck at:


[EB|`B:WFDW] Err(0xE), 0 @ LocHB 71B4903C-14EC-42C4-BDC6-CE1449930E49

[EB|#LOG:DT] 2020-12-31T11:43:43

[EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] 2020-12-31T11:43:43


The boot window gets stuck at CS_RUNTIME after it fails to find a lot of com.apple.xpc files.


I am totally lost at this point, as I worked through the whole troubleshooting section and a lot of similar problems on some posts and nothing seems to work. Please Help!


My EFI and the LOG are attached.


My Specs:

Open Core 0.6.4 (Debug)

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920x 12Core

Asus Rog Zenith Alpha Extreme Mainboard

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 8GB

OSX 10.15.7

EFI + LOG.zip


i only install one AMD... if you want to try ...


BIOS settings
  • Boot -> Fast Boot - Disabled

  • Boot -> CSM - Launch CSM - Disabled

  • Boot -> CSM - Secure Boot - OS Type - Other OS

  • Advanced -> USB configuration - XHCI handoff - Enabled




this efi worked for me, only its motherboard is different, I used an other asus .. but I no longer have this machine at hand



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