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OpenCore - High Sierra - 980Ti - lost Hardware acceleration

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I know GTX 980Ti its an old GPU and HS is an old OS but I still use it and it worked fine for me... but...

I switched from Clover to OC when 0.6 was released and all seems to be fine.


However I cant get Hardware acceleration working now and have no more clues how to fix it.

Boot props: -v keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 nvda_drv_vrl=1

and I have to have old nvda_drv = 31 or WebDrives does not load on start without it.


I messed up samething on the way What do I missing here?

Im on 0.6.3 OC currently. 

Board Z77x UD5H Ive Bridge I7 3770K 13.6 HS


I guess you referred to this Dortania's page regarding the nVidia boot-args. I do wonder why you declared your NVRAM nvda_drv parameter as STRING rather than NUMBER. Please note that I think these parameters are used if you have native NVRAM. If it's not the case, I think you should stick to the old nvda_drv=1 parameter.

Thanks @Hervé Yes I followed all guides I found. This one does not tell me anything unfortunately...

Without nvda_drv_vrl=1 arg GPU is not recognised

and without old nvda_drv = 31 string Webdrive is not active.


Just to make sure you advice  to use boot arg nvda_drv=1 instead both above?


BTW  Just before your replay I disabled WG and it works exactly the same....do I need it?

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