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Official VMware Fusion 3D acceleration support

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On 12/29/2020 at 2:35 AM, Ancalagon said:

VMware Fusion 12 officially supports 3D acceleration in macOS 11 (Big Sur)!


I haven't been able to get this working in unlocked VMware Workstation 16.1.0 though. It might be a Fusion only feature. Would be great if this could be unlocked in Workstation.


This is next to useless, sorry. It requires Host OS to be Big Sur too, unlike the Windows 10 OS (or Windows 7, 8/8.1) most of us use here.

I am not sure why you even quoted this here?


IF it was for Windows OS Host(s), that would be great news indeed and a very big deal, but this way - no.

EDIT: Guest OS needing to be Big Sur or newer makes this even less useful.

This means all those macOS 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 and so on older macOS VM Guests many of us use cannot use this, only latest can. 

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