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[Help] No mouse during installation using opencore

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I'm trying to install catalina using open core on my legacy setup that made by:

Intel Xeon X3440 (Lynnfield)

Gigabyte H55M-USB3

Sapphire R9 270X

Samsung 840 SSD


the installer load fine until i get to this animation that tell me to turn on my mouse/trackpad


Keyboard lights are on but mouse ones aren't.

I tried multiple thing so far but nothing really worked:

I tried patching EUSB to EH01 and USBE to EH02;

Xchi-unsupported kext;

XhciDxe.efi in drivers;

The big sur on legacy patch found here https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/troubleshooting/extended/userspace-issues.html#keyboard-and-mouse-broken-in-big-sur (you never know might works on catalina too...);



I have no idea on where to put hand now I hope someone can help me with this

Posting my EFI folder in case someone have the time to check it




After changing smbios and using that dsdt (made it into a ssdt-ec using ssdttime) still don't works, i tried removing my bluetooth dongle and the installation goes to the main menu but still no mouse and keyboard working so i can't continue the installation

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Hay BakePhoenix did you ever get this working? Same problem here, and I've been trying since last night with zero luck. I have very different hardware but I'm thinking the fix might be the same, or at least similar.

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