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hibernate problems after wake up freeze

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Dear all Hackintosh Fans !


i have some problems with my hacki.


I try my best to create a good EFI but honestly i'm new in the Hackintosh universe.


I spend more nach 4 days in reading stuff about that .. 


but it just an art to create a working EFI my god my respect to those who can do that. 


My system freeze after sleep and by god I don't now why I try everything to fix it maybe someone have a idea 


maybe one of you find will see the Error in my efi ! 


Thanks in advance






My setup: 



Readon vega 20 

Samsung Evo 970 Pro 

Asus z370 a II 









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This may be USB related, you have no USB kext in the Kext Folder although you have an entry in the ACPI column. You will either have to use the USBInjectAll.kext or map your usb layout using Hackintool to produce a kext more akin to your machine. When you do add either of these kexts to the kext folder, you will need to also add the entry to your config.plist under the 'kernel' column save the changes, reboot, clean NVRAM and you should see a better result. Good luck.

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4 hours ago, supersimply said:

thank you for the help ! 

it Works but now I have the problem das the HCDP don't work after sleep


but why ? 

What method did you use to make it work, was it the USBInjectAll.kext or did you use 'Hackintool' to map your USB ports?

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