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[HOW TO] OpenCore 0.6.3 > 0.6.4 differences

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OpenCore developers publish with each new version a Differences.pdf document detailing the differences between new and previous version. It is advisable to consult this document.

What I'm going to do here is to summarize those differences, the ones that affect most of us who have a hackintosh, so that those who change to the new version have a well-formed config.plist file that does not cause errors when booting.

In Booter there is a new section, Patch, to make binary patches, it is an Array that is filled with keys of type Dictionary that describe each patch. The patches are accompanied by a number of properties. For many of us, the best option is to leave Patch without content (empty).

In Booter / Quirks 2 keys are added or modified:
AllowRelocationBlock, boolean, useful for old systems (10.7 or earlier), we leave it in False
AvoidRuntimeDefrag, boolean, useful for most firmwares. We leave it in True.

In Misc / Security a new key is added:
BlacklistAppleUpdate, boolean, required by Big Sur where the NVRAM variable run-efi-updater does not work well. We leave it in True if we use Big Sur, although it can also be left in Catalina.

In Entries / Tools 2 properties are added to each tool:
RealPath, boolean, to pass the full path to the tool, useful only in tools that need external files to work. We leave it in False.
TextMode, boolean, to run the tool in text mode instead of graphical mode. We leave it in False.

In UEFi / Audio, PlayChime key has changed its type, from boolean to string. Options are:

Auto - checks the NVRAM to see if the chime is set but not muted
Disabled - disables chime unconditionally
Enabled - enables chime unconditionally.
It can be left empty.

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21 minutes ago, Hervé said:

It should be noted that, after an update to OC 0.6.4, if a parameter retains its original OC 0.6.3 settings when it has, in fact, changed (eg: PlayChime), OC will report an error message to that effect at top of screen when it kicks in.

Yes, it is common to see messages before the OC menu with the text "unable to parse configuration" when there are errors of this type.

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