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FCPX on Ryzen 9 3900x/RX 580 - will I benefit from going Intel?

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I have an otherwise perfectly working Big Sur OpenCore Hackintosh with Ryzen 9 3900x (12c/24t) and RX 580 8 GB. I'm using it for FCPX mainly. Rendering to H264 is barely faster than my old 2015 27" iMac with a 4c/4t i5 6600 and Radeon M395x 2 GB, which is insane... BruceX takes 28 secs compared to the 2015 iMac's 37. I expect more from a 6x faster CPU (I know the scaling isn't linear) and faster GPU.

I know my Ryzentosh is missing Quicksync. I use iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS but I obviously don't have a T2 chip.
Question is: if I switch to a 10850k, will I see an appropriate speed increase? Does GPU and Quicksync acceleration work in tandem or is it one or the other?
I don't see a definitive answer. Some people say that GPU acceleration (with RX 580) is faster than the iGPU Quicksync but I DEFINITELY don't see that. My GPU acceleration is fully working according to VideoProc and vdADecoderChecker. People also say that the iMacPro doesn't have quicksync as it uses Xeons, but they omit the fact it has the T2 chip that handles the H264/265 encoding/decoding, so a Ryzen Hackintosh with iMacPro SMBIOS isn't really the same thing at all...

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That I don't really know. However I do suggest - are you using AptioMemoryFix-64.efi and also a better SMBIOS like MacPro 7,1 or iMac18,3?
Reason I say this is, your system doesn't sound like its been fully optimised. At least try these and see whether they improve the performance,
because the older SMBIOS may have disabled a lot of the chip's functions in macOS. Also run Hackintool VRAM to check if if your GPU's memory

is properly registered. In addition make sure you're running on Catalina because it has AMD RDNA support - anything less won't likely work.

On top of that - everything depends what you pair it with - are you using a decent NVMe SSD in your system? If you don't, trust me it will make
ALL the difference with I/O and GPU rendering.

I made the AptioMemoryFix kext swap recently on my Acer Nitro 5 setup, and I immediately noticed not only did my systems video performance

but also was flicker (free), but also had FHD (Full High Definition) and 30-bit output! Bear in mind I also patched the Intel iGPU framebuffers
before I made the change. But this was quite amazing.

I'm in the midst of building another setup using a B550 Vision D board with an AMD Risen 5900X - still waiting on the chip to arrive and to pick a

decent dGPU. It will mainly be used for editing large image files. It will be interesting to see how it performs and compares to Intel-based
setups (which I've used over the years). I have to say Hackintoshes have been more reliable than my old actual Macs for sure. As it goes I have
friends who are MBP users and when I showed them my setups they are shocked at how fast my Hackintosh is at doing editing.

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