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  1. Genius LuxeMate i200

    Oh I don't remember exactly, but I think my Hackintosh had an option in BIOS that switched the "Fn" key On at boot, turning those keys into numbers (with Fn key, they act as a number pad on keyboards without numpad). Turning that off in BIOS solved the problem for me.
  2. For all of you with nonfunctional USB and FireWire: try to delete AppleHPET.kext from S/L/E (backup first!) Worked for me on 10.6.2 and on 10.6.3 as well.
  3. Exact opposite here. DVI works (via DVI2VGA dongle), VGA works too, but only mirrors the DVI image. So, I have dual display, but mirrored. Havent tried HDMI yet because I dont have cables and reductions.
  4. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    Has anyone managed to make dual monitors work with 4650?
  5. Anyone have dual display with 4650/4670 ?

    I used Beta 4xxx installer and got Gigabyte 4650 1 GB running in 10.6.2 with QE, CI and all, both screens work (DVI and VGA), BUT only mirrored (same image on both displays). Would love to have dual head...
  6. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    My Gigabyte 4650 1 GB works flawlesslxy with vanilla 10.6.2 with Chameleon RC4. Only I´m getting only one display recognized (DVI). It would be a bliss to get the second slot (VGA) recognized as a second display. I kind of need dual displays for editing. If I cant get it happen, I will go back to X1950Pro (got 4650 from a friend for free Thanks for the installer, it´s amazing!
  7. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    Same here, will try to restore Bronya's kext from backup. Other than that, 10.6.3 update via Apple Update went flawlessly, sound, net, all works without any work. Nah, restoring from Backup doesn't work, even reinstalling with Bronya's load.command installer. Happy to have cloned my perfect 10.6.2 install before
  8. What am I doing wrong with Final Cut Pro 7

    MPEG2 and DV are lossy codecs. You basically lose quality every time you render, transfer from one application to another (for example, to After Effects for post work) and back. Every generation has slight loss of quality. DV is usually fine, but MPEG2, H264, AVCHD are basically distribution codecs - optimized for bandwidth, but not for CPU usage and multigeneration workflows.You can see that if you do some more agressive color correction. You will get maps and nasty artifacts, whereas with some kind of intermediate codecs, you would get nice, clean image. Think RAW vs JPEG in still photography. H264, MPEG2 and such are used simply to save money - you would need gargantuan drives in camcorders in order to shoot HD into some nice, editing and post-friendly codec, like ProRes. So, the best thing you can do is transcode your shots to some kind of intermediate formats like Apple Intermediate Codec, DVCPro/HD or ProRes. These are optimized for quality and postproduction workflows. When you finish, you can export to H264, DivX or whatever you need, but during editing and postproduction, stay away from these highly compressed codecs.
  9. USB not working after retail SL install

    I am running retail vanilla SL. I´m not familiar with Hazard distro. Any special patches or kexts on install?
  10. USB not working after retail SL install

    Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to post a solution. In my case, all I got to do was to delete AppleHPET.kext. No harm done, and all works now. Please tell us if it helped you too.
  11. Might this erratic behaviour be caused by bad DSDT? I didn't have to do any DSDT patching, my audio, gfx and network worked out of the box. I tried pcwiz's DSDT Patcher GUI as I am not very familiar with manual DSDT editing, but that didn't fix it. And, I noticed USB drives do not mount as well. Can anybody point me to right direction? Of course I tried to search but the search doesn't work half the time here and I couldn't find anything specific to USB anyway. Thanks!
  12. USB not working after retail SL install

    Bump. Ports are listed, though no devices in Profiler. Optical sensor on mouse doesn't light up.
  13. Yes I just forgot to add that: there are no USB-related settings in XW4400 BIOS, no USB legacy mode or such. Nor can I disable PS2 in BIOS. I might just be able to change USb IRQ. Gonna try that now. Thanks anyway EDIT: No, USB mouse just doesn't work. It works on like one boot from five. It always works in Win 7 on the other partition.
  14. Hello! I have a nicely working and stable 10.6.2 Vanilla install in 32bit mode with Chameleon 2RC4 on HP XW4400 workstation with C2D, 8 GB RAM and ATI x1950 pro. One thing that bugs me is USB mouse behaviour. On some boots, it works, on other boots, it doesn't. When it does not, replugging or using other USB port does NOT help. I've trying all possible (I think, anyway) combinations of: -USB keyboard -PS2 keyboard -USB mouse -PS2 mouse -VoodooPS2controller installed and uninstalled -Kext Utility used every time Yet it seems to be completely random. USB keyboard has another glitch - it's like the FN key is always pressed, so I get numbers instead of UIOP, JKL and NM keys. Even this issue dissappeared, but just once (!), it's now back. I don't want to use old PS2 mouse because I need additional buttons of the USB one. Can anyone help? Thanks! EDIT: SOLVED! Seems removing AppleHPET.kext solved the issue. FireWire now works correctly as well and there seem to be no downsides as of yet.
  15. What am I doing wrong with Final Cut Pro 7

    It's simple, really. Timeline must have the same settings as the source clips to be fully realtime. FCP will ask you if oyu want to conform timeline to the clip setting when you drop the first clip on new, empty timeline. This way, FCP will be WAY more powerful than Premiere - you can't get even simple color correction to be played realtime in Premiere no matter how you cut it, with FCP on THE SAME hardware, you can get multiple streams of HD with CC in realtime. You just need to know the basics.