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[Solved] Re-create Update volume (APFS volume)

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APFS Volumes can be tagged with certain role metadata flags; you can supply the roles parameter with any
combination of one or more of the characters BRVITSDUNEXHLCYG, or 0 as a no-op for scripting convenience;
the meaning of these characters is, respectively:
B=Preboot (boot loader),
V=VM (swap space),
I=Installer (temporary usage),
T=Backup (Time Machine),
S=System, D=Data,
X=XART (hardware security),
H=Hardware, L=Internal,
C=Sidecar (Time Machine),
Y=Enterprise (data), and
G=iDiagnostics (EFI).  
Note that you may be limited to only one role at a time and various other rules.


But I do get error:


[-bash-3.2# diskutil apfs addVolume disk1 APFS Update -role E
Will export new APFS Volume "Update" from APFS Container Reference disk1
Started APFS operation on disk1
Preparing to add APFS Volume to APFS Container disk1
Creating APFS Volume
Error: -69624: Unable to add a new APFS Volume to an APFS Container


Update volume gets auto restored or created (no idea which), so no need to create it by hand. It just does not show in Big Sur, one need to boot to ie Catalina to be able to "see" it existing


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