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1st gen Intel HD Graphics: issues with VGA output

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My computer is I5-480M + NVIDIA GT520M,MACOS 10.13.6,NVIDIA video card is banned in the clover,I follow the guidelines,Now my laptop's internal display is working properly.But I found a new problem,My laptop has a 1346x766 screen. Now I connect VGA to a 1920x1080 screen. The default is mirroring mode, and the VGA display is not fully displayed. If I modify "APPL,OS-INFO" according to the tutorial, my VGA display can only be used under macOS Adjusted to 1346x766 resolution under normal display, if adjusted to 1920x1080 resolution then the display will be chaotic.Does anyone know anything about this? thank

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Hey. I'm also using 1st gen GPU as yours and having kind of the same problem. Were you able to fix the issue in the post?


Also, would you mind if I ask for some experience? Like how did you modify the AAPL,os-info? I had to use the DSDT patching, were you hot patched or DSDT patched?


How did you enable VGA? I had to manually patched the AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext. Would love to know if you can patch it on-the-fly


And how's your external screen via VGA? Mine is super distorted in any resolution so if you can mirror the internal screen, can you share your experience?


Thanks man

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