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Long press F 12, the boot menu Of Gigbyte motherboards
  F 8asus F 11 asroks
Which I use like this to boot into windows 10 Used to make it with clover but it won't boot Stuck at the flashing cursor

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OpenCore doesn't really think about Windows. I think it's a problem.

Clover is different from the old days, so it may take some getting used to the settings, but once ACPI, KEXT, config.plist can be set, it will be easy.
(I don't recommend Clover Configrator yet because it's still changing. I recommend a generic XML editor such as PlistEDPlus.)

First of all, the keynote setting of Clover is



I think it's a good idea to follow this guide to configure the items in config.plist that existed before integrating with OpenCore.

And the item in config.plist after integrating with OpenCore is the item in Quriks at the root.
This part corresponds to the OpenCore Boot-Quirks and Kernel-Quirks you are running now.
I think you also referred to it when setting up,


Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide


Will be helpful. Just follow the Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide to get what you need for ACPI.
Now you can launch Big Sur and even install it.

However, some Quriks items are the same as Clover's items, so they will not be loaded.




You can see that by using.

You must select the Preboot entry to boot Big Sur (when booting with OpenCore, it seems that this item is not shown).
If you set GUI-Hide of Clover settings with the disk name containing the OS, only the preboot entry will appear. Now you can organize your entries.

The actual EFI distributed in Japan is shown below for reference.




Since it is a setting in Coffeelake, please match it with your own setting. The part commented out with "#" is the part that is no longer needed due to the difference in items between the old and new Clover.
(SMBIOS has been remade to prevent accidents.)

Good luck

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