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NVMe (IONVMeFamily) causes panic at boot with OpenCore

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Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to install HighSierra on ASUS Prime X370-Pro/Ryzen 5 2600X/Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti.

Every time I trying to boot I'm getting kernel panic from IONVMeFamily.

Tried so far NVMeFix.kext, different combinations of config file created from scratch using guide and Olarila config or ACPI files.

At the stage I'm on, PC doesn't restart anymore but it crashes on NVMe drive, which I got Windows installed.

Is the way to fix or disable the NVMe? I'm planing on installing OSX on normal SATA drive not NVMe drive.


BTW. It is doing the same, with little difference when trying fresh Catalina.


Kind Regards




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Sorry I've missed that. It's SKHynix HFS256GD9TNG-L5B0B.

I don't really need it working on OSX, will not access any data from it anyway.

Is there a way to block NVMe support in the OS?





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I've tried adding and enabling "com.apple.iokit.IONVMeFamily" in that section, no difference.

If I understand correctly that is "system" name of IONVMeFamily.kext?

I think would need add more, but not sure what exactly.


Update: Just in case I've tried adding kext name instead but no difference.

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