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macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 my HDD isn't showing up at all ( updated ICH10 patch ) (ICH10R and macOS Big sur 10.0.1) (enable patch ALPM IO Error AppleAHCIPort)

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Thinkpad T530


SSD ---240GB

HDD---1TB Toshiba (Not Read- Show me Uninitialization )

I'm using macOS Big Sur beta 11. Bootloader (Open Core)and everything works fine, as soon as it reaches Disk Utility, my HDD isn't showing up at all. It shows up in BIOS and diskpart (in Windows) so it's not the physical drive.

But it worked pretty well when I went macOS Catalina

I realized my hard disk is given in Windows format but I can do read with macOS big sur .

Some say initializing the disk with diskpart does the trick, some say installing SATA-100-series-unsupported.kext will too.

My question is, how do I go about initializing the disk (I know that Mac can only read HFS+ so basically this means converting an NTFS disk to HFS+ within diskpart)? And what about installing kexts? I'm a total n00b when it comes to Hackintosh since this is my second attempt at doing this.

Any reply is greatly appreciated!






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If you cannot format from MAC at all due to the contents of the current HDD, you may try the following.
Make a Linux live USB.
UBUNTU may be good.

Start gparted and display its HDD.
 Device → Create Partition Table
Select gtp in and apply.
After doing this, I think you can try erasing all partitions if you have them.
Thank you.

Have only recently seen your post so it may be too late.


If the disk was recently functioning normally and has not been destructively overwritten you may want to try partition recovery software.


At the very least you may be able to recover some files.  If you have backed up the partition table you can restore from the backup table to see if previous data is recoverable.



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