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OC 0.6.4 - Fresh USB Install - KP and Reboot after copying files

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First of all i can run BS on this system with my OC version and required kexts, i am writing this from BS now. I have managed to go through various betas and onto the final retail version all through software update so once the initial install has completed then it works perfectly including BT, WiFi, Sound etc. To get the betas to run i had to go via the clone method to get the install to my SSD and all was good. I want to start a fresh and i am encountering the following issue which i also saw with a fresh install of the betas.


I can boot the installer fine and go through the GUI to start the install off. It copies all required files to the target disk and then reboots as normal. Once booting for the second time i get the apple logo and the progress bar  as normal but when you'd then expect the installer screen to continue it panics and reboots. I have managed to capture the following which is as far as i can tell the full extent of whats displayed before it reboots. If i let it reboot it is just stuck like this in a loop.


Any clues as so far i have been unable to solve.




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thanks but this is similar to how I got the beta going ie virtual install then a clone. Worked but I would prefer to have a cleaner method. 


The installer boots fine and copies all it needs its just after the first reboot that it panics - don't really see where to look for the issue but it must be solvable.

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