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RX580 Xeon E5 X79 Hardware Acceleration compatible?

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Good morning. I tried to browse about 3 days looking for a compatibility answer for my (old) rig. So can someone tell me if it's possible to enable HEVC + H265 hardware acceleration on this machine?

I'd like to hear an answer before i'll give up please. The system lists the card properly and Metal is supported.


MSI X79A-GD45  Xeon E5-2696v2  16Gb DDR3 Powercolor Red Dragon RX 580 8Gb (it's not the infamous SP 2048 version) Mac OS 10.14.6


Thank you!


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On 11/13/2020 at 11:05 AM, PPCnostalgic said:

Thank you Hervè. Using iMacPro1,1 SMBIOS the software lists HW acceleration but doesn't lists the video card (see attachment). Tried to encode a movie but despite I could enable HW acceleration the conversion was cpu only, the video card was idle.




Same issue with my HP Z400 + RX580 8gb, flashed as Pulse mac version...


Did you found a solution?

ok, I did some research and found this thread





According with the author, it's just a Videoproc cosmetic error, which expect the word "AMD", instead our graphics card says "Radeon"


He says that it can be changed using opencore (and clover i guess), but I don't know how



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